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Replacement neck for 1991 rg550

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As you can see in the pictures this neck is not repairable. It played so well and I am so upset that I ruined it but we all do stupid crap at least once in our lives right? My question is are there any replacement necks available that are ready to put on and play when it arrives? Anyone know who correctly makes them? It is a 1991. I have went the buy genuine route taking necks from other 550's etc but they did not play well. I need someone to build me one if possible. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. [img=http://img18105.imagevenue.com/loc382/th_85238_1_122_382lo.jpg][img=http://img18106.imagevenue.com/loc302/th_85239_2_122_302lo.jpg][img=http://img18116.imagevenue.com/loc801/th_85239_3_122_801lo.jpg]
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Wow - this made me want to cry! My 1990 Fujigen 550 DY is still my most beloved guitar after almost 30 years.

I think the best match you'll find will be a Fujigen neck from around the same year as yours. Look for F1xxxxx on the back of the headstock - "F" indicates it was manufactured at the Fujigen and the following number (in this case a "1") indicates the year.

Good luck!!

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