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I have replaced a Lo-Pro Edge with a Floyd Rose on a RG550LTD. I didn't have a big nut to use the trick to remove the stud inert (hardware shops are closed in Bangkok) so I have used the old studs.

The studs are a little bit different (I forgot to take a side-by-side picture) but so far it seems to work OK. Stable and fluttering.

Do you think that the edges could be damaged when using with different studs?

BTW: I do not have any complain about the Lo-Pro Edge. This is the fourth time I replace it on this guitar, due to heavy use, and I have chosen the Lo Pro Edge only because one guy was selling it for a good price

THe advantage of teh FLoyd Rose is am not going to deal again with the damn arm bushes. I like the arm to stay firm where I want

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