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Replacing ILT1 with Lo Pro Edge tremolo

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Hey there people!

This is not a question - I am simply sharing my experience. It's not much since I am just a beginner with all this, but it might help someone. It just might save some time and hassle :smile:

My story is described on my blog. Since I don't have 10 posts, I cannot post link to it :(
Therefore I will cheat a bit :smile:
In other words, you will have to manually construct URL from this:

tinyurl dot com slash nqcnc8u

hAvE Fun aND RocK oN!
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There you go. Good work! I did something similar with my RG 470, that came with a LO-TRS II - it got an Edge installed.
Hi, I cant see this blog. I need help, I dont know if I can swap a ilt1 trem to a lo pro edge
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