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Hey, I'm looking for opinions on replacement pickups.
I've got a late 80's RG 760, and an RG 550.
I used to have EMG's and thought they were great until one day, I played a friends Gibson V with a 500T in it running through my amp set up. It was a very noticeable difference in tone and feel. Those pickups were much hotter.
I've since replaced the EMG's and put in 500T into both my RG's. They're better than the EMG's but not the "wow" I felt when I played the Gibson.
Now, I know the Gibson is Mahogany and the RG's are both Basswood, so that's a tonal difference. But I've been searching for a pickup that will make these RG's really kick it up a notch because I absolutely love my RG's
I've tried the JB and a Dimarzio Super III. Both were good, about the same result of the 500T... but wanted a little "something" more. I've tried a Duncan Invader and that was too hot. Squealing and not a great tone IMO.
So I'm looking for a high output pickup, a great growl and bite, but just below uncontrollable.
Was looking at Duncan Custom, Duncan RTM, and a few others, but will they all be about the same due to the Basswood?
Has anyone had this same experience? If so...what did you try, and what did you settle one?
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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