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resetting bridge issues

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hello, didnt know whether to stick this in this forum or the pickup one - but here it is:
I'm replacing the pickups on my RG470, which means taking off all the strings, which will bugger my trem (its a lo-trs). From what I've read it's a bastard and impossible to do - which is a blatant lie as otherwise nobody would mod such guitars or replace bridges etc.
I've been looking around for suitable guidelines but with no joy, and I can't afford to pay someone else / want to learn these things anyway.
Anybody got any words of wisdom as to how I should go about it, or could point me in the right direction?

Thanks for your time,

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Hmmm.. you are concerned abt resetting your trem...

There should be a lot of DIY help around here... but anyway, here's one I did in a local music website.

Restringing AND cleaning a Floyd Rose Guitar or any of its LICENSED counterparts

All that was a compliation of what I've learnt here... scourged the pages abt this trem thing for months! :)

Hope it helps!

Click the big, swirled banner at the top of the page. Rich has detailed instructions on how to remove your bridge without removing all the stings.


Im not sure whether or not Rich wants us linking to his website so if not remove this link, but this tech page is the BEST I have EVER* seen on floyd rose setup and I would suggest it to anyone needing help with floyd's
As the other guys said, go to Ibanezrules.

You should be ok as long as you block the trem before removing the strings so the springs are roughly in the right position when you put the new strings on
Thanks very much guys, thats ace :D

Don't remove all the strings. Just pull off the whole bridge with all of the strings attached. That's easier. Again, see Rich's site.
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