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I was a little weary when I sent in my Jackson Rhoads neck to these guys to be scalloped.
I had heard some good reviews though so I took a shot.
This guitar was mainly dwelling in my closet these past days, and I'd seen the add for a 99 dollar scallop for about a year so I thought I'd try.
I bought the service off of shredlegacyluthiers.net
I had to ship it to them then wait three weeks.
It just arrived back today and I unpacked it here are some pics.

I must say the feel of the wood is very smoothe and fret polish they did left the frets looking like the bumper of a 57 Chevy.
I had asked them to replace the white dots with black ones which they did free of charge.
Work looks very impressive for a 99 dollar scallop
Planning to get her strung back up by the end of the weekend,
Scallops are a new territory for me some I'm very stoked.
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