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Rg 1822 Trd

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Just wondering if anyone can give me info on the RG 1822 TRD. From the Ibanez Register I gather its a j-custom but there is no link for more information about it. I know the TR means trans red, it's H/H, maple top, but that's all.
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That is indeed the guitar. Soloist has kindly provided me with the specs, which are as follows (maybe I should send this along to the Ibanez Register?):

It has an Alder body, 4mm quilt maple top, lo-pro edge, inset strap locks, Ultra/JC neck (exactly like the RG2020X's and RGT's), bound rosewood fretboard, abalone offset dot inlays, color matched headstock w/quilted maple overlay, Tone Zone and PAF Pro pickups (bridge and neck respectively). That guitar was a very nice guitar, it had a unique sound due to the alder/quilt maple top construction (like a Jem7V but "thicker"). The only downside to that guitar is that it is a somewhat brighter red finish than you would expect with a TRD color designation, no big deal if you are into red guitars.

So the RG2020X has an Ultra neck after all?
scanlan75018 said:
it lookks like that

SWEET :grin:.


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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