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Hello all... New here,

I had this posted in another thread but was advised to move it here for better exposure.

I'm resurrecting a RG 340 for a friend and I thought I had the wiring all traced out and written down correctly before I tore the thing apart but I seemed to have missed a few things. Does any one have a diagram for this guitar. It has a HSS configuration, single volume and tone. Tone is push pull for coil splitting on the humbucker. This model has a TRT -2 floyd rose licensed trem.

Once I get this wired up and working I'll post some pics. I stripped the body (not easy), put a new maple veneer top on. Stained the top blood red, painted the back the same color. Air burshed a black burst and inlaid a the skull from The Punisher made out of rock maple on the top. It looks killer. The guy I'm doing this for loves skulls on his guitars. He has a custom made George Lynch Mr. Scary.

I was given a number of links by another user but I haven't quite found the correct wiring... close but no cigar and I rather follow something that is spot on than wing it and mess things up.

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