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I have an offer for a RG 7420. The guitar is in used-good shape and modified by a guitar builder. It now has the DiMarzio Blaze H-S-H in green out of a Universe and a black pickguard.
How is the quality of this guitar, especially the bodywood and neck?
Is it worth 600 dollars?
Sorry for asking if this question is stupid, but I do have no idea!
Thanks for help!

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A what now? 7420's didn't have pickguards or middle single coils. Someone could have routed it for a single, botched the job and covered their screw up with a pick guard. Stay away from that one!

In general though, the neck and body are great, but the 7620 offers both better pickups and a far better bridge. For that kind of money, you should be able to get a nice 7620 and change for your pocket. There's one in the classifieds now Devo is selling (a 7620) is an amazing guitar. If he still has it, that's a far better buy than a 7420. I'd look there first.

edit: here's the link:
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