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RG to jem conversion question

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My dad bought me an RG conversion on **** for x-mas. It is already swirled. The lion's claw is kinda messed up and there is no jem input. It also needs a clear coat. I am wondering if there is anything I can do to fix the input or lions claw without having to refinish the body. I am also wondering if anyone knows of a good tutorial on clear coating.
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First things first, visit www.projectguitar.com, there is a tutorial on JEM conversions there.

That's the best first step I can recommend, and welcome to the forums
Thanks, I have looked there. I don't think there is much I can do with the lions claw. I didn't see much about the clear coat.
Sorry about that.

There's a tutorial to painting a guitar at reranch.com. The part on clearcoating is included, of course. I followed this when I painted my strat resinator plywood guitar (before selling it off for parts), albeit with different type of paint.
How's the swirl when you got it? If it's superb, then you might wanna hesitate on repainting it.

You know how swirls work!
Its pretty cool. It just needs a clear coat. Thanks for the info on painting that helps quite a bit. I would just like a more accurate lion's claw. I am wondering if there is a way to re route it and then hand paint the lions claw, or paint it a solid color w/o it looking too bad.
How bad does it look?

You could reroute it (with all the associated risks), and then hand paint it using one of the colors of the swirl, so it won't look too bad. If it doesn't look too bad, with the hardware on it, then just clear coat it.

there is a link to the pic. Its just the bottom of the claw. Looks like he inserted the wood block and just routed the block and not any of the body.
Well looking at it, when you put in a EDGE trem, it will cover most of the Lion Claw, I would just suggest clear coating it and put it together, its not ever going to be perfect, even the Monkey Grip looks to big.. its a RG converson.. well good luck.. :)
That's a very nice swirly thing. The swirl in my opinion hides the defect. If, when you install the trem, the issue affects playability, then take it to a proper wood guy.

Otherwise, I would agree with bluealien, just clearcoat it, install the hardware, and off you go.

As an aside the trem route looks TRS-sy.
will an edge fit then?? I ordered a lo pro
Nice catch "Ibateur", it does look like is routed for a TRS, so "magkid45", it looks like you will have to get a TRS, a Lo Pro will not fit. The body must be from a 470 or a lower model number.
oof, looks like I got screwed. They said it was a high end RG body so I assumed edge. woops.
can it be routed to fit the edge lo pro? Will a LO-TRS fit? What is the difference between the two?
First things first, you have to confirm the route. Compare it against the multitudes of pictures on the web of an Edge route and see if it is indeed different.

I believe it can be routed, but that's gonna damage the swirl and will not be the best looking thing on the planet. I think the project guitar site has a conversion tutorial.

Other option would be an OFR trem which wouldn't need additional routing, but will leave some gaps. Don't get a Lo-TRS yet as it isn't the best performing trem we know.

Does the neck pocket show any model number? I guess it would be under the primer coat.
no it doesn't. I test fitted the lo pro and it doesn't match up. Sits on the body a bit. Would an original edge work? You said OFR aren't they the same dimensions?
What is the performance difference between the low pro and OFR? I was thinking about routing it and painting the new correct lion's claw and trem cavity black. Looking for some input on how people think it would look. Also, what single coil should I buy. I can't decide. I have 2 paf pro's from an original jem in for the guitar. Looking for something to compliment them.


there is a picture. I don't know if you can get anything out it.
An OFR will definitely perform better than a TRS, depending on setup, of course. Edge and LoPro have the same dimensions so it will NOT fit either.

If you get an OFR, you won't need to route. I really like that swirl, and can barely see the bad route on it.

Blue-velvets are popular here, as are the HS2. Yellow or green cap would be cheesy but cool.
I am worried about the route not being deep enough for pulling the bar up. But, I think I am going to pick up an OFR and try it out and just put my lo pro on ****.
Deep enought? it should be fine since its based on the RGxxx my RG570 has no issues with pulling up the bar, and I have my action real low...

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