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Munky7 said:
if you get a rg1527 thats a great guitar. i was going to get one but i got a 7321 because i was short on money, so thats a suggestion too, just swap pickups. as for the 1527, personally if you were to get one, i would go with the older model of it, 2004, because of the cosmic blue color. dont get me wrong, the 05's royal blue is stunning, but throw some white pups on the cosmic blue and its perfect. its a very light guitar, as most RG's are. the bridge is alright, but i dont know very much about FR's or floating bridges period, as i seem to stick to fixed bridges. much easier and they keep in tune and have better sustain. dont have the hassle. i belive the wood of the guitar is basswood which i dont know every little spec about because my 3 guitars are mahogony. i do know that alot of people like it.the new 2005 model has a new 5 peice neck which i heard is great. and both the 04 and 05 have the same neck profile i believe which is a Wizard - 7. Very flat, thin and fast. the 04 has a bubinga stripe down the back of the neck and the 05 has two walnut stripes. the pickups are very decent quality, IBZ v7 and v8, but as with most guitars you will probably end up swapping eventually. Overall the 1527 is a great choice for a ibanez 7. the 2004 model is a little rarer now, but they are findable costing usually around 700 bucks online. the 2005 you can easily get or order for your music store or online for anywhere from 550- 800 US bucks. if you dont decide to get the 1527 the 7321 is the perfect choice for a fixed bridge 7 unless you want to buy a used 7421 on [email protected] you can also find used ibanez 7's with FR;s on ****. every 7 user seems to LOVE their rg7620's , which you can find pretty cheap. the choice is ultimatly yours and remember its all about preference. you really should play it before you buy it. peace bro. -ryan
very well written ryan :) i agree with him on that, the 1527 is pretty expensive and is a great guitar (i own one, the new 05 one, my friend has the 03 one). I have a new 7321 as well, which is actually an amazing guitar IMO. Just get some new pups and thats all u need for the 7321. if you have the money for a 1527, then by all means.. go for it, but as munky7 said, fixed bridges (7321) are easier to deal with. I have a 7620 also, and that is probably the very best 7-string ever made! lol, u can find them on evilbay surprisingly cheap, cheaper than the new 1527. so, good luck man.

btw-just visit Ibanez's website to find the specs ur askin for, but ill make it easier for ya: http://www.ibanez.com/guitars/guitar.asp?model=RG1527
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