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The alignment problems are serious. Could be caused by an impact.

I didn´t understand the saddle hassle. You´re supposed to loosen the string before opening the saddle screw, so there is no tension.

Trem noises are serious. No grease should be necessary.

Also noises from the neck joint are very serious. Although a gap at the side is not dangerous in itself, it might be a symptom of an impact.

Small cracking in the wood is natural in these parts it being winter and thus very dry. Assuming the crack doesn´t grow or affect the neck joint stability, it should be nothing to worry about.

My guess is, it´s gotten a shock of some sort during transport. That would certainly cause many of your problems.
Take it back and have it either fixed, or if damaged beyond that, replaced.
Based on your description the guitar is not what it´s supposed to be.
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