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RG20051 What do you think?

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It seems this is only available in Japan (may be Europe).
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They are limited to 12 in the UK. They are not yet released over here either, but they are expected late August/early September I think. The places I know that will sell them, are letting them go for around £1250. But thats a rough price right now I believe.

But I aint a huge swirl fan, so, dont ask me for my opinions. I looks a nice enough guitar though, and no doubt it will play nicely too.
Hey Rich, you left this in the description "The pickups will not be swirled on the production models."
I know, I didn't feel like opening the program to update it ;)
Those newer high-res pictures of it look pretty tasty actually. I really like them.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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