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rg232ex?? Does this Exist?

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I was chatting on another forum and someone asked about an RG232ex and said that GC sells them for like $300-$380. From what i know Ibanez never made a 232.. but i could be wrong.. does this instrument exist??
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Maybe they meant the new guitar center exculsive, the RG3exQM, a fixed bridge with quitled maple top and matching headstock that sells in that price range. There is another model for GC that is the RG2ex I think, although it might just be the RG3ex but anyway they have solid finishes with binding and a matching headstock that sell for 299.
Those RG3exQM's, along with most of the lower-tier Ibanez offerings, are made in Indonesia now. I'd make sure you thoroughly test it out before buying.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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