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I apologize for another RG3120 thread. I've read the others, and have searched on other forums and I haven't found one that is clear on the proper wiring for this. I've attached an original Ibanez wiring diagram, as well as a version that I color coded to make it easier for me to follow. I've also attached the diagrams for the positions of the switch itself.

The 4th position is the only position that appears to not work correctly. I can't figure out what goes where and I was trying not to rewire the whole thing since the VLX91 switch is a pain to work on, and since everything else was working. Can Anyone tell me which wires should actually go to the proper pad. The way it looks on the wiring diagram did not do it for me.

Black Rectangle Line Schematic Font
Black Schematic Rectangle Slope Font
Rectangle Line Font Material property Parallel
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