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So today I replaced the neck of my RG350DX with a brand new neck I purchased last week, before installing it I didn't pay attention if there was already a gap on the neck join and only realized after installing the new neck.

The screws are quite tight, hand tight and didn't use a machine, but still really tight for someone of my strength
The problem is, as I mentioned, after installing it, i realized there is a very small gap between the neck and neck the join and it's making stressing a lot ( like a LOT, the neck is brand new and costed me more than the guitar itself thanks to the custom )
The old neck was a Wizard III maple with rosewood fretboard while the new one is a Wizard III Maple with Jatoba fretboard, and i have to says, it definitely feel thiner
But the dimension were exactly the same at the neck join

I have tried to remove it, clean the neck join and put it back while holding it tight while screwing back

Is it normal to have such a gap ? it's not a prestige or premium level of guitar, but I have another guitar where the neck is completely flat against the neck joint with no gap
Might look a bit bigger on the pictures, but the gap is like the size of a sheet of paper
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