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this is my first post. I am on the trail to become a fellow Ibanez owner and hope to be hanging out here more often.

I can't find the RG370DXZL anywhere in the US. (which has Edge-Zero II bridge, not the poor Edge III)

"Q. Does anyone know where to get one in the USA or if they will be shipping in the US any time soon, or?"

Details if you wish:

I first had my heart on the RG5EX1L (Left-Handed) until I heard all the bad, awful news about the Edge III bridge. I figured I'd get it anyways and get the tremo-no until I could afford to upgrade to pro, because I have never been so in love with a guitar after playing a RG5EX1 at Guitar center. its that wizzard II neck.. and the finish is awesome too.. just love it!

But then i discovered through research that the RG370DX was nearly the same "but better" than the RG5EX1 , yet unfortunately it still sports the Edge III.

OK, but NOW I discovered the RG370DXZL WITHOUT Edge III. it has The wizard III neck (not sure i will like that as much because i never played on one) AND the Edge-Zero II bridge which comes with some premium guitars and I have heard is much better than the Edge III.

But, I can't find the RG370DXZL anywhere in the US. They are all over the world but not here.

"Q. Does anyone know where to get one or if they will be shipping in the US any time soon?"

I'd be happy with any RG lefty which plays like the RG5EX1, which i have tried, in this price range WITHOUT the Edge III--- in case someone knows of another model i have not yet discovered.

At least some people can start to celebrate if this is a sign of things to come: meaning the overdo DEATH Of EDGE III.

(I know some people like the Edge III, but the whole reason for my upgrade is because my 1987 kramer pacer deluxe with original floyd rose tremolo has lost its knife edge after 24 years... 24YEARS! I hear stories of the Edge III going out in 2 months, so I don't really like going down this road. I curse the day i picked up the wizard II neck!! God i need this guitar!!!).

thanx for any input!
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