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RG470 Neck crack at nut screws

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Hi, i noticed that the neck in my RG470JB (1995 MAde in Korea) has a crak in the neck starting in the screws that hold the locking nut (in the back part of the neck). I noticed it about 2 or 3 weeks ago, and now it seems to be bigger. Im starting to worry.

I readed in this forum and other forums that this crack is common as well the neck joint one, but in one of the posts someone said to take the strings inmediatly before it gets worst and have it repair... i just did it in case its true..

also ive checked the ibanez rules tutorial on fixing this crack (http://www.ibanezrules.com/tech/setup/crack_neck.htm), its exactly the same crack, but my question is... HOW BAD IS IT??? may the neck crack completly because the string tension??? does the fix is a permanent solution or i will have this problem forever?? is it really common or only in defect necks???

really thanks i appreciate your help

here are some pics of my guitar (i`ve removed the string and locking nut screws as you can see)

thanks to all from Venezuela!!!!
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If you glue it up correctly it should hold stronger than before it cracked. I had the same problem last year with my RG470. It fell off it's stand and almost snapped the headstock off. I had it fixed by a local luthier and it's now stronger than ever. I did have to get two wood dowel pins so there is evidence of the repair but it still plays great.
thanks lonephantom, do you have pics of the repair??? my first concern is to save the guitar, the second how it would look (it would lower the guitar price..), what dou you mean with getting two dowel pins?? i didnt folowed that, i`m not sure how to translate that!. Wich year is your rg470??

really thanks...
My RG is a 1995 model. I'll try to remember to take some photos when I get home from work today to show you what I mean.

To strengthen the repair two holes where drilled around the area where the damage occurred and filled with two small pieces of dowel to aid in strengthening the damaged area.
If you get a good luthier to fix the crack using Titebond (basically PVA glue on Steroids - standard PVA is prone to "creep" (ie: it never actually sets rock hard) and is not totally moisture proof), you really shouldn't need dowelling, as explained to me the maximum surface area for glue to act on is what is important, and your neck has long, non-splintery cracks, rather than a sharp break - that should make the repair relatively easy.

No epoxies, no araldites, no superglue!!! If you want to have a go yourself, Stewart McDonald luthier's supplies sell titebond. If you have the slightest doubt about your abilities, find a good luthier!

Oh, yeah, one other thing - detune / remove the strings and leave it that way until the repair is done!

Good luck!

thanks... allready done the strings removal... still looking for a good luthier in venezuela...
but one question, the crack is barely starting, how do i get the glue inside the crack so it can have more surface for the glue to act???...

Here's some pics of mine. As I said mine was pretty severe so it needed to be pinned with some dowel to help strengthen it. Plays just as good as before though so no problems with it, just a little cosmetic. The red line is approximately showing the length of the crack. it went right up to the fret board. The two dots under the locking nut screws are the dowel pins.

Basically to get the glue right in you have to push the crack open to get maximum glue in, then clamp it up carefully so as to not damage the neck, but hold it enough to let the glue set. It'll probably need a couple of days to ensure the glue is set.

As Dave McCarrol said Tite Bond or something similar will do the job. I believe it's best to get a luthier to do the job though. More heartache if you break the neck more than if they do.
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yes its right, it`ll be worst if i break it than if someone elses breakes it...

thanks dude, i think a found a good one in my country... when its done ill posto some pics...
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