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Hello, I am looking for some *very* particular information... The RG550 20th anniversary has some oddball things going on, and I was hoping to get some input from others that own a genesis rg550 as well an OG 550. I lost my 87' in my house fire unfortunately, so I am unable to do the measurements myself.

My 20th has the following measurements, which I found "Strange", I would absolutely love to see what sizes the genesis models and the OG models have in comparison.

Thickness 1st fret -> 18mm
Thickness 12th fret -> ....18mm.... yeah its the same thickness lol
Width at heel -> 56.5mm.... ??? Its perfectly 56.5, which is confusing, thats way too much to be in the realm of "acceptable tolerance" haha

I've actually never taken the neck off, do these also have the fretboard extensions, or are they like the JEM 30th where they are just a solid chunk of wood? I can sort that myself if no one has an answer.
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