Decided to sell my RG550 Genesis in white, bought new in 2019 and lived in a hard case for the majority of that time other than to test and tune.

In practically mint condition, only signs that its been played at all are the microscopic pick scratches on the scratchplate as you'd expect.

Lovely neck, nice fret ends, no fret sprout and no fret wear.

No chips, scratches, blisters or anything to the body or neck, no neck pocket cracks or gaping gaps.

Still has film on truss rod cover, and some film still attached to the volume and tone pot shafts.

Complete with Ibanez M300C hardcase (locking) and trem arm/tools.

Wasn't intending on selling this as its so clean with no flaws, it was supposed to be part of my guitar collection, but starting to play JS series more and more now and the transition back to the RG neck isn't as easy as it used to be for me, so my collection will now focus on the Satriani models.

Best if buyer collects, or can post at cost - UK sales only sorry.