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Hey folks, I'm currently on a quest to come up with a nice/flexible/fun way to rewire my trusty RG550. I've posted elsewhere about my questions around a specific pickup, but I thought I'd share what I've come up with so far for the whole thing and start a more general discussion.

I have in my possession an Air Norton neck, Cruiser neck for the mid, and an Evolution for the bridge. I've been thinking of various ways to run splits or series/parallel schemes, but having three humbuckers like this makes it kinda difficult, not to mention the possible issues with output pairing the Cruiser with either the Air Norton or Evo. But this is what I've got.

What do y'all think about this setup? I haven't wired a guitar before, but this seems pretty straightforward. Please forgive any newb mistakes :)

Basically, I'm using two 500k Fender S-1 switches for the tone and volume pots so I can use their sweet four pole switches. The tone push button runs the neck and bridge in parallel and the volume push button runs a blower switch hotwiring the evo directly out. I was also thinking of adding a treble bleed to the volume pot. Please forgive the unnecessary superswitch in the diagram - this is just a sketch, and I was using that graphic to try to arrange splits as well, but I never could figure out how to split three humbuckers properly. It's there as a vestigial tail, heh.


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