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Hey guys,

I'm new to this forum - I was a jackson guy (still am) but have just recently become an ibanez user after i played the new genesis Rg550s. Bought one as soon as I touched it.

Just wanted to share pics of the mods that I did to it. Initially wanted the 1987 jem looked but ended up going multi coloured for full on 80s stupidity.

Dimarzio evolutions (pink bridge, green neck) and a suhr v60 single coil (blue) with orange knobs and I just had to put a pink switch tip on (in my opinion it contributes a lot to the sound 馃ぅ).

I used to use floyds and after playing this know that I was a bit ignorant. This is the best locking trem that I have used by FAR.

Best neck, killer pickups and most importantly, colours so bright that you need sunglasses to protect your eyes!


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Noticing that your middle pickup cover doesn't fit correctly. I had my RG550 apart yesterday and noticed that the spacing of the pole pieces on these S1's is totally different than the S1's that I have from other recent guitars like the RG1570.
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