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I bought this Ibanez and I’m starting to think this could be one of the first ever on the rg500 series?
The neck is stamped rg550but the body is stamped rg560!
and the body has a ultrasonic ref2 neck pickup.

what’s going on?? Could this be Ibanez just taking what they have as a starting point?? The neck is stupid thin around 17mm at first fret.
I’ll get back with the serial nr when I’m back home.
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My understanding was that necks on RG550s, 560s (and 570s) were all labelled as RG550, they had the ‘R’ for rosewood. In the early days whilst the RG550 came standard with a maple board and the RG560 with rosewood as standard, dealers could order them with the opposite necks.

The necks with the same wood for the fretboard are the same so didn’t need a different SKU/part number
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