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hey guys

i recently switched to 11`s on my `00 RG3120. It is awesome and i did this also with my `04 RG1527. they have the same feel regarding string tension.
Did the same with my `93 RG550 as well but on this one it`s very very different. It feels like it has a lot more string tension and it`s very unsmooth to play ("unsmooth" :p). It`s really hard to play and i even feel like i lose grip on the string when bending - like the string would slip away under my finger. String action isn`t too low and the set up is pretty much the same on every guitar that i use so i thought this may have to do with the springs?
Do springs affect the string tension when bending / doing vibrato?
I am looking for an in between tension of .010 and .011 - like the feel on my 3120 and 1527.
I use 4 springs for it: 3 are straight and 1 spring is diagonal. I did the same on my 3120 though and it is very different. Maybe different springs?
Same tuning on every guitar (except 7 string with a 7th of course).

Does anyone have experience with this? Thanks!
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