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RG652 Prestige Fret Buzz on E+A?!

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i got a new Prestige 652 w/o Tremolo, a lefty Version.

The problem is, that from the beginning, it has a certain amount of fret buzz on the E+A strings,
even when played open (in that case i have to hit the string pretty hard).
The buzzing sets in when the string rings out (or reaches the climax of its movement) ,
its not an "attacky" buzz.

I recently changed the strings and the E got better somehow (just tolerable for me) ,
but the A is now very bad. Even when playing from the 12th fret downwards, the buzz is
there on the A.

The neck is pretty straight, not warped anyhow and the frets look (only for me) level and fine.
From what i read here and there, it could be the nut......arf....

I tried ajusting the bridge, no difference. Trussrod, no difference.

The action itself is pretty low, but not too low that it should cause that kind of buzz.

Umm, well. I can live with a little buzz here and there (and im mostly playing
heavily distorted so i dont care that much most of the time), but the buzz is
audible through the Amps. When i play clean, its totally audible and hard to
play so soft that its not disturbing.

Whan can a man do?
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argh posted in the wrong subforum, sorry
There's a thing that looks like a triangle for locating high frets. It's called a Fret Rocker and it's cheap. You just set it so that it covers three frets at a time and see if you can wobble on top of the middle fret back and forth. If it wobbles you've got a high fret. Youtube leveling a fret, it's fairly easy as long as you don't caveman it. The nut's tougher because if it's already too low then there's not much you can do but replace it. Get yourself a fretboard ruler or what ever its called and adjust your neck so that you have a slight amount of relief. Don't get crazy low with the action. Make sure the bridge saddles match the radius of your neck, they may not be adjusted properly. Lower pickups a tad to loosen magnetic pull. Heavier strings will buzz more because they move more when picked

All of these are just small things that may add up to making it manageable for you. Some may not be able to adjust that much. Since it's on the E and A I bet you've got a high fret on that side, probably closer to the 12th fret than the 1st.

Take the fret rocker and place in between each string rocking it on each fret. Mark those frets with a something. File them down very slowly and carefully and measure again, more measuring than filing. Keep repeating until no more rocking.
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Maple board guitars just have more pronounced buzz than anything else, but your neck is probably too straight and the action too low. It's a rock guitar, if it's not buzzing it's not a rock guitar.
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