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Rg7321 questions

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I wanna put 10's on it instead of 9's that came with it,do I need to adjust the bridge for this minor increase of string gauge increase?If so do I just turn those two screws in the front of the bridge plate clock wise?

Also where can I get 7 string replacement parts to upgrade my Rg7321 I can't find anything!I appreciate your help guys!


I wanna upgrade the bridge,nut,tuners and pups

I wanna make it a custom.
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You won't be able to upgrade the bridge without performing MAJOR changes to the guitar. Check any online guitar-store for the other components. As far as the strings go - the truss rod is in need of adjusting when switching to a thicker gauge, rather than the bridge. Sure, you will need to spend some time with intonation, but that's not as important as neck-warping.
And the two small screws on each side of each string on the bridge adjusts the string height. For intonation, use the star-screws on the back of the bridge.
Thanks Roland for info!!!!Probaly the weakest feature on this guitar is the tuners and thats the hardest thing Iam having to find they are plenty six!

Should I just get a six and than one?Btw first seven...lol
You can't find 7-inline tuners. Believe me, I've tried - your best bet is to find a place that sells sets and individual tuners, so buy a set of sixes, then another individual tuner.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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