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rg8670 TV Stolen

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Item for sale: rg8670 tv

Description & Condition: Excellent, minor scratches on body. Two tiny dings near back of body near input jack.

Asking Price:

My Location: Berkeley, CA

Terms of Sale/Purchase: Want it back.

Other Information: Stolen from 2029 Channing way, in my car in Berkeley, CA on Dec 25, 2005.
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man that sucks .

I dont think i'll ever see it here in texas but i hope you can get it back . Be sure to hit all your local pawn shops up at least 2 times a week from now on .
Sucks man, I doubt it will turn up in Chicago but do you have a serial number?
Serial Number: 44072
(located on back of headtock).
megadeth said:
i'll keep a check on the ****. :)
yeah i'll keep am eye out for it on **** as well. A guitar like that is hard to miss
They use to hang the people who stoled horse's! they should zapp to death people who steel guitar's! mother fuc#ker's! - I hope you get it back bro!
- best of luck to you!-Jake.
Yeah, I got really lucky to get a good J-Custom. I actually have another of the same model, but the TV (lavendar color) is my favorite. It's just incredible. Best guitar I've ever played. I love it so much.
Thanks guys. I'm in Berkeley, CA.

I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area, North of Silicon Valley.

I lost so much today. Total of about $4300. Shouldn't have had that in my car, but I've been depressed, so I didn't unload the car. Now I'm just like. I dunno what to do. I've lost all motivation.
Are there any other places (such as forums) that I should post this to?
Yeah, post it on the Bay Area Craigslist, musical instruments section.
So sorry to hear that!
I'll also keep an eye in Europe.
Sorry that happened bro, I wish you all the luck and will keep an eye for it.
Also Try posting at sevenstring.org
One of my guitars got stolen 2 years ago... still hope I'll get it back somehow... sucks...
that really sucks bad..

haha i thought you were selling stolen guitars.. and was thinking.. holy crap! why would someone do that
Craigslist is a haven for criminals.

I posted up on Craigslist and got an immediate reply from a guy with a Jeff Beck Strat 1st edition and a blue velvet amp - $850 (scam). Obviously, this type of sale is going to be either stolen or it's a total fraud, and that's the way they do it; they lurk and wait for someone who looks like a potential buyer and contact that person.

SevenString.org is a cool site. I didn't even know about that one. I've wanted a seven string for years.
how did some1 jack it outa ur car? was it unlocked or did the bastard just break in. anyway i feel u dawg.
Sucks dude, hope you get it back.


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