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RGA Series Lefty?

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I recently managed to find a left hand RG2570 and i'm totally blown away by it. As a result i'm now after an Ibanez with a similar neck to the RG but with a fixed bridge as a second guitar.

I see the SZ520 is available as a lefty but i'm told the neck is a lot different to the Wizard Prestige. What I'd really love is an RGA Prestige but I can't find a lefty anywhere. Does anyone know if there are ANY lefty RGAs?

I managed to find a lefty 2570 and I've seen a 3120, so i'm just hoping there's an RGA out there somewhere?

Do you have any other suggestions as to which route I could go if I really can't get an RGA? Thanks!
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No, there was apparently a limited run of left hand RG2570s, I was pretty lucky to find one. Mine is a 2003 model, not sure on the finish..it's a sparkly green in some lights but is more blue in others, really nice finish.
I'd have to guess you're not in the US, first I've heard of it.
Yeah, i'm in the UK. I didn't know anything above a 1570 existed as a lefty (cept the 3120) til I saw it. Usually these kind of guitars only show up on **** U.S. Seemed too good to pass up. Managed to get it for a rediculously low price too. If I ever come across a 3120 I'll most likely pick that up too.
Heh, don't tempt me! You could try and PM me a price and see what happens ;)

How many "limited runs" does Japan etc have ?!
It's like a zillion of them. A new one every day :p
I dont know about anyone else....but i need PICS!!
Rich said:
I have a 3120L for sale ;)
Ahh you have that one ;).


Koss said:
I dont know about anyone else....but i need PICS!!


You want pics of my 2570? Unfortunately my digital camera is broken so I can't do that right now. I think it would just look kinda plain blue in a photo anyway, you need to see it change colour to see what the real finish is like.

It has the mirrored sharkfin inlays which I also really like. They are similar to the finish in that from certain angles they are very prominent but from others they are almost invisible! It also has the pearl bound neck which is pretty sweet.

The only thing I'm gonna change is the stock DiMarzio pickups, but they'll do for the minute.

Maybe someone can help me out on the name of the finish? Sparkly green/blue...
Heh, ok ok! My parents are visiting today so I'll try get a few photos with my dad's camera.
OK. Here's a photo I took with my parents camera, it's not a lot better than my phone camera so quality is pretty poor. You can near enough make everything out. You can see what I mean about the finish changing colour, the body appears blue and the headstock looks green. Look at those mirror inlays shine!

I'm going to be changing out the pickups soon enough. Do you think it would look cool with all white or should I stay with black?


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White would really look I think :), sweet guitar.


Thats the bunny, played one of them in London about a year back. Nice guitar b ut I've never been a fan of shark fins inlays though.

A nice guitar but not that much nicer that the 1570l in my humble. Still wouldn't say no to one if I had the cash spare!
I've owned a 470L, a 570L and a 1570L and I can honestly say that the 2570L is a SIGNIFICANTLY better guitar. This is the first guitar I have owned which I know I will never sell. Can't think of a single bad word to describe this thing.

I just wonder if the 3120L is even better!! My quest for rare lefties continues...
I don't think white pickups would look all that good, but creme or zebra pickups would look SAWEEEET!
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