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RGA tuning stability

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Each time a bend my g, b or high e string on my rga121, I go out of tune.

I have read carefully others threads on that kind of issues. I checked that the strings were well stretched, that the tuners are properly tightened,etc.

But the same phenomenon occurs when I bend. I also hear a pinging when tuning these three strings.

Can anyone help? Or should I just bane string bendings of my playing? : )
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Sounds like a binding nut. In other words, the string is catching on the nut. Thus every time you do a bend, the string will catch as it is bent and come back flat. You can either put some lubrication in the nut slots (graphite, nut lube, etc.), or replace the nut with a better one. I'm not sure how good the nuts are on the RGAs, so a Graphtech nut may or may not be better.
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