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RGT6 confusion

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The main problem is:
ibanez website, provides rgt6exfx as mahogany body...
so why of the most guitar shops in the world are saying, it's basswood!? 8O
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Strange one. I'd go with the Ibanez site if in doubt. And it looks awesome in that chameleon colour. :)
both are looks cool! ;) but the blue chameleon it's more exotic ;)

so does any one know what da hell going on up here with the spec?
As far as I know there have been two quite similar RGT6EXFXs since 2006, originally both Japan models: the RGT6EXFX with basswood wings (since it's a neck-thru) and the RGT6EXFX2 with mahogany wings. For 2009 Ibanez dropped the basswood one and probably simply renamed the EXFX2 to RGT6EXFX (that is if it's actually has a mahogany body).

Bottom line: the 2008 model sold in the US had basswood wings, the 2009 has mahogany wings (according to Ibanez themselves). Since that is pretty confusing, shops probably mess it up.
dude THANK YOU! you solve my problem ;) so lets go for a chameleon one! ;)
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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