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RGTHRG1 HR Giger, Edge Pro II Opions?

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Hi gang. I made an impulse purchase today (you know how G.A.S. can be)... found one of the HR Giger RGT models on closeout in one of the local shops. These are basically RGT42 models with graphics. All the spec's match the RGT42 except the look.

This is the first guitar I've purchased with the Edge Pro II on it. The other Ibanez guitars I have are mostly lo pro trem equipped. I also have a JS1200 with the Edge Pro. From I've seen, opions of the edge pro II are far better than the old trs trems.

I've given the guitar the once over and seems well constructed with good craftsmanship. It plays great. The pickups will certainly get replaced if I decide to keep it. The only thing I'm questioning is the quality of the trem and whether or not the tuning stability will be up to par.

I'm looking for opinions from those that also have the high-end Ibanez trems...

1. Is the edge pro II going to be a disappointment, or will it hold its own over time?
2. Is it possible to replace the edge pro II with and edge pro (without any routing)?

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1. Yes, you will be disappointed if you've been using an Edge Lo Pro or an Edge Pro.

2. No, the Edge Pro will not directly retrofit into the cavity for the EPII. I don't know how much routing would be necessary to do it but I do know that the dimensions are not the same.
Thanks. Does anyone know if an original edge or an original floyd rose will fit into the edge pro II cavity without routing? Of course I'd like to change the trem posts as well get the full benefit. Has anybody tried either mod?
i say just wait till the prestige models come out
To my knowledge, there is no trem that will directly retrofit into the Edge Pro II's cavity.
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