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Just like with Dentists and Mechanics - when you find someone who's good, do everything you can to keep them.

Starting back in 2001, I met Rich Harris while shopping online for a JS90th - even though it was an old post that had already sold, I quickly struck up a rapport with Rich which I have to this day. He definately keeps it real and he's a great sounding board and overall resource; not just looking to make a sale - Salt of the Earth.

I most recently got to know Gary Brawer after moving to the East Bay - and more of the same - great guy!

Lastly, I got to know Frank Falbo while making a purchase from him, and lightning struck a 3rd time!

I can say I've also gotten to know some Jemsters as well with pretty much positive experiences - which is why I think Jemsite has been around as long as it has - great community and moderators.

Keep it going and feel free to share any positive feedback/experiences as well.

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