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Ah, very nice, and good price too. You've even got the original boomerang strap-buttons, people often get rid of those.

The RG600 was part of the Roadstar Deluxe series made in 1986. This particular model has active pickups, which is why you’re finding them overdriving your amp. Controls are configured as a single volume and two band eq. The model also differs from others in the range by being hardtail and having an ebony fingerboard. Otherwise normal Ibanez fare – basswood body (with flame maple veneer here) and maple neck. Colours were Wine Pearl (like yours), and Transparent Black (like a dark charcoal burst).

There were a few made in 1987 as well (yours is March 1986) from what was probably left-over parts, and there were some different colours too – I remember seeing a black/green burst once.

Overall, I don’t think many RG600s were made, you don't see them around very much.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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