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A fantastic guitar based radio show broadcast from here in Melbourne has recently interviewed Rob Balducci (at my suggestion ;)).

The interview will be aired between 10 pm and midnight Australian time. That's 1 pm and 3 pm UK time so 8 am and 10 am NYC time all on Monday 27th.

If you are in Melbourne it is on PBS 106.7 FM

You can listen to it online here:
by clicking on the speaker!

Steve the DJ for the FRETNET radio show will also be playing a selection of Rob's tracks including some older ones due to him coming over and borrowing my CDs!

You can see all the great guitar stuff Steve plays by checking out all the past show playlists on http://www.fretnet.com

So what do you want him to play? VOTE now in this thread

Voting closes 5 pm Melbourne time (8 am London, 3 am NYC, Midnight in LA):)

If you dont know, Rob is on Steve Vai's Favored Nations record label and has a new album out called 'The Color of Light'
Rob is headlining Jemfest USA this weekend.


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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