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Hi guys I just signed up here today,

but I have been an Ibanezaholic for almost 10yrs

I have a a FEW in that time but right now Im afraid I only have my old and trusted SA260FMTR (with seymour Duncan pups) and an RG 1570 which is in bits and is going to be the donor of parts for my next creation

I have just been offered the chance to buy a custom made JPM style body from a close friend of mine,it has a 3 quarter flame maple top,jp routing and direct mount bucker routs and is cut out to house an edge trem,all this for $325,

I dont have to pay the shipping on this either(which is a bonus seeing as I live in Scotland)

so here is my plan:
Im goin to send the body down to SIMS custom shop in London to have the body stained pink like the Rob Balducci custom shop one and Im not going to get it clear coated...why?
Im wanting a sort of Balducci BSB hybrid................yeah I think it will look great
As for hardware etc,Im going to use the cosmo black hardware from my prestige
The pickups Im throwing in her are custom Dimarzio Paf Joe and Freds,chrome Bobbins as well

ohh and the neck is coming from my prestige too and later its goin to get some pink LED treatment :)

so guys what do ya think,good or bad,I like the sound of it,what do you think??

I also play EB/MM Jp 6 guitars so the layout is great

Im wanting a Floral pattern bad too :(
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