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I opted to go for a bigger brass block to had just a HAIR more body to my S5570. I’m running a Steve’s Special (flipped) and it’s CLOSE...the lows are very authoritative and I didn’t want to swap pickups and lose that. So the next step was to see what else I could do. That’s where the block idea comes in.

I have to admit, the fit and finish was great, it was substantial without being TOO big to fit, and it even had the spring cover like a factory one.

The midrange seems to be more high mids than low, that part isn’t optimal but DID gain some body overall. Sooo, so far so good. I feel like the G-String 17th fret quick decay is mostly fixed now as well.

The biggest pain was re-intonating the guitar. Ughhhh

Anyhow, a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are some!



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