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There's very little info out there on upgrading this guitar and I happen to have one that I love. It has a nice long sustain and such a great tone it plays like an acoustic in a quiet room. It also almost never falls out of tune. It's a freaky little miracle for a cheap guitar.

But, I couldn't help myself. I heard these powersound pups are weak, then I saw guitarfetish having a sale. Perfect storm.
Plus, I like to tinker with electronics.

So, I'm upgrading to GFS Pros and Kwikplug. And, it seems like nonody else has ever done this to this guitar so I'm the lucky Guinea pig.

I've run into some problems right away too.

1. The 5 way switch is too tall to fit in the cavity.
2.The output jack isn't long enough to attach through the guitar.

***I keep trying to attach pics and it's not working. Could someone please turn that on or something?
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