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Anyone have it?
I just installed a Kenwood reciever in my house yesterday.
I'm already a big fan.
I went with Sirius since it's what I installed in a few businesses, so I was already familiar with it.
Not having to worry about bad reception is nice, so is the lack of commercials and the variety, I can put on a rock station and be sure not to hear any Green Day/ Weezer/Coldplay/Creed/whatever.
Definately worth the $13 a month.

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I've got XM, and I absolutely love it. For cross country road trips, it's awesome. You don't have to always search for a good station everytime you drive through a new city, and the signal doesn't turn to crap in the middle of your favorite song. LOADS of programming choices. Personally, I listen to channel 41 (The BoneYard) most of the time. Lots of metal, and I love the shows "Ballad Salad" (30 minutes of hair-band ballads) followed by "Whiter Shade of Trash" (60 minutes of hair-metal). YES! The rest of the time it's a good mix of classic to modern hard-rock and metal (no thrash - that's a different station).

OK, so I also listen to Fox News and some of the other stations, like the comedy channels and such.

If you don't have satellite radio, get it. You'll never go back to FM!
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