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Hi guys!

I felt a need for a good scale viewer but none were offering 7 and 8 strings view. Note & degree view, flip view, ...

So I made my own one! I had made it for my self and then all my friends ask to get it.

You want to try it too for FREE?

You can try to download it!!
Copy this address in your web browser: JYPSolutions.com
if it doesn't work, you can try later or just send an email to
info at JYPSolutions.com
and I'll send it to you by email!

It is a super small Windows application for XP,Vista & 7.

276 Scales, 48 tunings (drop down, open, and more )

Can be used for guitar,bass,violin,cello,banjo & Mandoline!

You will love it! There is nothing else like that.

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