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The RG in question is HSH, Evos and a True Velvet in the middle.
My YM50 5-way switch is gone, I wanted a CRL but I couldn't find one ina short notice.
So I wired a Schaller Megaswitch type ''S''

The wiring was standard RG with an additional neck (or bridge) pup splitting using the Push/pull switch when the lever is on neck or bridge. Everything else was standard and it worked fine.
Now, on wiring it all according to Schaller website instructions, I ended up with both humbuckers in split mode whatever you do with the push/pull.
What I'm doing now is cross-referencing the switches to find the wrong connections, for now, I think I should just forget the Schaller instructions, (no additional split coils mentioned there), and just wire it the way the YM50 was wired?
So basically the question is are the switches (Schaller and YM50) mapped the same way? If so, I can disregard the website wiring template.
Any thoughts?
I posted an image of the diagram that actually worked.
I actually just did it according to the diagram, it does not work at all, I hope I just turned the switch backwards while soldering so reversing it would solve the problem. If not, I really don't know what to do.


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