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EU and UK only please

Schecter C-7 Hellraiser

From 2007! I consider these way superior then the recent ones.
The guitar is with me for 3 years now. Barely used, never gigged, conditionwise lets call it 9.8 out of 10

- Schaller M6 Locking Tuners (direct fit not drilling)
- Graptech TUSQ Black graphite Nut
- Graptech String Saver Saddles (7 of them obviously)
- The Bridge is basically new (Got it directly from Schecter)
- Zeppelin Strap Locks
- The fingerboard has had a pro Dying.
- Pro fret levelling
- Caparison PH-7 Pickups (the pickup routing has not been modified, the space has been filled with black foam)
- 2x Dimarzio 500K Push-Pull pots (direct fit, no drilling or filing to the holes)
- 2x Treble Bleed
- The hole of the upper pot is covered (see pics below)

*2x Volume (The upper one is the Bridge Volume, the lower is the Neck) as mentioned Treble Bleed installed for both pots.
*Bridge Volume Pull: Splits the Humbuckers to Single
*Neck Volume Pull: Out of Phase in the Middle position of the switch
*Both Pulled: Middle position: Single coils out of Phase, Neck position: the Neck pickup as single coil, but the inner coil is active. (Push down the Neck Pot and you have the outer coil)

Location: Portugal, Lisbon
Contact: PM me here

Price: 600€ + Shipping

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