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Schecter Custom Shop CET(Contour Exoctic Top)
Handmade in the USA. Similar to an Anderson Drop Top.
Trans purple quilt maple top with gold harware. I bought it new roughly 7 years ago. It's got some minor scratches, mostly the only kind you notice if it's in the sunlight and your up really close. There is a tiny chip at the neck joint on the body. Very minor stuff. I love this guitar but I'm ready for something new. It's been great! The Tone knob is a push/pull type that acts as a coil splitter. Beautiful quilt top with a swamp ash back, pau ferro board, birds eye maple neck. 25 1/2 scale. Dimarzio Air Zone in the bridge, Fast Track 1 in the neck, stock pup in the middle, Floyd Rose. Fret ware but nowhere near in need of a fret job. It's a great guitar
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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