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As long as the CD isn't skipping, don't bother.

If the CD IS skipping, give it a whirl, it can't make it any worse. I've tried it on a few CD's that started skipping and it worked just fine.

HOWEVER, DO NOT try these things on DVD's, even if it as stated you can use them on DVD's. I now have a nice "Get Over It" coaster thanks to one of those things.

The DVD would lock from time to time (read error) at one point in the movie. Not always, just every so often and usually simply jumping a few seconds ahead of that point it would work. I tried a DVD scratch remover and now the DVD won't play at all.

CD's are much better at ignoring small scratches though, so these removers usually work fine on CD's. All it really does is polish out the scratch.

Again, if the CD works fine, no matter how scratched it looks, don't bother. It won't sound any better, it's not a record so nothing touches the surface and scratches that either aren't very deep, and/or aren't parallel to the track will simply be ignored by the laser.

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