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I’m in a bit of an odd place, and looking for some advice before buying any more stuff that might or might not help me.

Because of my living circumstances, headphones are pretty much a need for playing at home. I’ve been using the softube emulated out on my Marshall DSL1HR and honestly I was fairly happy with it and a pair of AKG240’s. But, having recently dropped an Evo into the bridge of an RG550 I’m starting to wonder if this emulated out is giving me the range. The Evo sounds loud as you’d expect, but I read so many people complaining about how ice picky they feel it is- and I’m really not hearing that.

I’m wondering if I should take a step back and try something else. I don’t really want to go the laptop and plugin route as that would lead to needing extra furniture to stand the laptop on while playing and I don’t really have the space without a big room rethink and this isn’t solely a guitar room.

I do already have a bigger valve Marshall and a Palmer PDI06 that will do loadbox as well as attenuation. Attenuation by itself isn’t my answer, unfortunately. I don’t really want to spend huge amounts of extra on this right now but I’m happy to drop a couple of hundred if I need to.

The two main options I’m considering are adding a Darkglass Element or similar to one of my existing valve amps with a loadbox and having true amp tone plus whatever IR cab I chose, or maybe an Ampero One and just using that with everything modelled. I know either of these approaches ‘works’, but the Ampero seems much tidier and maybe more flexible in some ways.

Just looking for peoples’ opinions on either route really, or maybe something I’m missing. Moving somewhere I can just crank a valve amp isn’t really an option right now...
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