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At $2139 this is the most expensive Eclipse sold in the United States most others sell for $1699-1799 new. Mine is new/mint but you would not know that my the finish which is relic'd for a vice vintage look. I am including the mint ESP OHSC, all ppwk and hang tags and a second set of pickups!!!! Go to the link above to see the specs. Blue book Value on his guitar is $1475. I need to make $1100 but if you are offering a trade it needs to have cost at least $2100 new and have a value of $1400

I am including a set of James Hetfield classic 81/60 EMGs. The set includes everything POTS wires/ 9v leads/ input jack etc! (no solder required)

So you decide how you want your tone. The Duncans are classic, expressive and warm. Great for blues, classic rock and jazz while the EMGs give you rip off your face metal tones!!!

I am out of work and I need to make the payment for our family home so it's time for some toys to go.

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