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I just had my Jemvwh setup and let me say it feels like a new guitar. Ibanez sent it with no resistance on the truss rod and my neck was really bowed. String height was way high and I could not play fast runs on it at all.

Now the action is super low, buzzes a bit, but I like it nice and low. Feels a thousand times better. It almost feels like a different neck, that's how much better it is. The tech said if we did not catch the fact that the truss rod was not set up proper on shipment it would have surely warped.

I have a RG570 that plays super, I was getting disapointed with my expensive Jem but now it plays just as good.

If you have a nice guitar that don't seem to play well, do yourself a favor and get a good setup on it, makes a world of difference.
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