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Item for sale: REAL Seymour Duncan JB-7 and 59-7 pulled from a new Schecter C-7 Blackjack.

Description & Condition: As new as you can get being pulled from a new guitar.

Asking Price: It seems BIN auctions get $76 new, and one guy wants $160 for the pair, so I figure $65 each is fair.

My Location:Illinois, USA

Other Information: I like these pickups. They are a great upgrade from any Asian stock pickup, including Duncan Designed. But I think they're also better than the Dimarzio "New 7's" or "Custom 7's" that come stock on some stuff too. If they don't sell, I'll use them elsewhere. But I'd like to get the cash to use toward some Bartolinis. Plus I'm winding my own these days too, so I can always make up some customs for myself, too. ;)

Because I'm making custom pickups, I'd consider your old crap 7-string pups in trade, or anything else, including New 7's. But not a straight trade or anything. I don't want to do a straight trade, even if it's for brand new Dimarzios or Duncans, because I want to use cash towards a couple Bartolinis to finish a project.

So buy my stuff and save some cash off the auction! Your "non-UV" 7-string deserves it!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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