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Should I buy a deluxe squire strat for £80

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I know a mate selling a cheep squier Deluxe, which if I remeber is the mid-point standard in that line for 80 or so quid, and since I have some High-end american componants like pickups and stuff from My USA Strat, that I could upgrade it with.

My aim would be to have a cheep okay sounding backup guitar, So my concerns would be the rough cheep neck, the wood construction, and the hardware, baring in mind I may take the neck off, sand it down, get something done with the frets, and get it laquered.

Does anyone have any experience with these guitars, and do you think it's worth it?
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I've got squire I still love plying it from time to time, never did sand the neck but I change the frets and pups thats all I do. This is the guitar that I bring along for traveling it's not expensive so I don't have to worry much. I say get it :mrgreen:
Eh. . .Id probably step up to a MIM strat.
bought it, doing it up, okay for the money.

It's taking on the High Qual Componants alright, and I'll let you know how it turns out.

Still tempted to change out bridge and get the neck onto some clear coat.

If it doesn't respond well I'll buy a new neck.
congratz !!! yes some mods required to make it good ;)
for £80 i dont think you can go far wrong with that mate!
Project guitars like this are always good fun, and if nothing else, you'll definetally learn something from screwing around with it so if you ever mod a higher-end guitar you'll be more familiar.
Here's a piccie :

I'm tempted to change out the bridge to a Wilkinson, and I'd like to change the neck to a mighty Mite, or one of the 70's Reissue necks you see knocking around on Evil Bay.

Maybe even some EMG SA's after that :)
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I tell ya what, I have a Squier Standard Strat, that I bought, last year,in brown sunburst, that I absolutely adore. I think I paid, like $180.00, for it, put a Fender white pearloid pickguard on it, and replace the stock bridge Pu with a white SD JB jr., with a gigbag, and it plays like a dream, 22 frets and all. Only thing I didn't like was the chunky 70s headstock, so I made a template off my other strat head (small style), and cut it down to that, and refinished the neck and headstock. I've had actual Fender strats that didn't play as nice, and were actually noisier. Besides my $235.00 Ibanez RD220, with an Edge III, this is the best bang for my buck that I ever found.
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