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Should I buy js1000 (ive got a js100

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Ive got a js100 and it looks amazing and the sound, although weak at times can produce some lovely tones. Ive had loads of trouble with the tremelo and it sometimes stiffens up(Edge pro2) but overall Im quite impressed but I wasnt blown away as I thought I might be. Is there much difference in the two axes and if so is it worth upgrading and waiting(delivering newspapers for a long time)to get the js1000 which I like the look of a lot. Also is the edge pro 2 generally stiffer than the edge pro because I played the edge pro tremelo and I could basically depress the bar with no effort atall. Could my edge pro 2 be like that...

Thanks Alot
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Hey Ashton, well as the 2 main differences between the 2 guitars are the pickups and the bridge then you really could do with trying one out first as it'll sound very different to your JS100.

If i were you, i would sell your JS100 and look for a JS1000 second hand, because to be honest once you get a JS1000 i doubt you'd ever play the JS100 again.

Another option (if you don't really want to sell the JS100) would be to save up and replace the pickups in the JS100 with the same pickups that are in the 1000 (DiMarzio PAF and FRED pickups), then all you'd be left with in the JS100 would be the trem, but, you could get a second hand RG550 from e-b-a-y and use that for my trem-suited performances.

Up to you!
As Andelusion mentioned I'd advise the trem and pickup swap. It's the quickest way for for you to get to where you want to be. A new JS1000 is a sh*tload of delivered papers ;)

i'll sign on to the pickup idea as well. i had a js100 very briefly, and i went the route of changing pickups to match the js1000. it sounded great, but i ended up selling it cause i didn't care for the neck, the rg's suits me a little better. so yea, i say change them out for dimarzios if you're happy with the playability.
I wouldn't do the upgrade. Yed you can swap out the pickups, and that would help a lot. But you are still stuck with the trem you have. You cannot swap over to the Edge Pro without redoing the routing (and finishing). That's getting into significant changes, especially if you are paying someone else to do them. The JS1000/1200 is an amazing guitar, and you wouldn't regret owning one, but it certainly is a LOT of delivered papers. I would agree with the idea of selling the 100 for as much as you can, and trying to find a decent used JS1000. It'll be less expensive and make you happier in the long run (and have better resale value).

If that is too expensive, just get an S470 (or S540). That's one heck of a bargin with much better bridge and pickups than you have now, and very similar looks to the JS (with a different neck) for less money than the JS100.
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evilbay usually has some Js1000's for pretty good prices, they are used of course, but a used 1000 is still the better player than a Js100, with all the upgrades you would do with the Js100, you might as well spend that money to fund a used 1000, luthiers will charge you a lot to swap pickups (unless you can do that yourself), and even more to modify the route for the trem.

If you can swap pickups yourself, and then be happy with the trem the way it is, then upgrade it yourself.
Yeah i know about the pickup changes and stuff but I really want a guitar that will suit me, well, forever. I mean isnt it probably better in the long run and I dont really care if it takes a year to save up. The js 100 just feels a bit to fragile and limited, I mean the neck on the js1000 looks amazing and its such a quality guitar. I cant rout the pickups in my guitar anyway so isnt just worth upgrading when I have enough money some time next year selling the js100 for even more money.Im just curios is there much difference between the two axes AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
You nailed it man. As said before, the two main weak points of the JS100 if you compare it with a JS1000 are the pick-ups and the bridge but if you swap those with better ones you are still very far away from owning an axe of the same quality as a JS1000.

The differences between the axes are enormous so let me just tell you that the JS100 is a good axe to start playing but you'll eventually need a finer instrument to express yourself. If you want a Js that will "suit you forever", go for the 1000 or a higher-end model. I'd find a used BTB if I were you! ;)
I also started with a JS100 some years back, it was a transparent red. Now I have a JS1000 and going for a JS1200 too, I hope soon.

The JS1000 is a lot better guitar than the JS100, way way better. The differences it's not only bridge, pickups and electronics, it's also the neck profile. The JS1000 has a more confy profile, and Ibanez says that it they scaned Satch chrome boy's neck, and that is exactly the way they carve the necks for the JS1000 and JS1200, that is why it feels like broken in already even being a new one. Another great difference it's the finish, way better too.

Once you consider the differences, the price for the JS1000 or JS1200, it's a better deal than the $700 for a new JS100.

My Advice, go better for the JS1000 or JS1200, you won't regret it.
thanks a lot for the help everyone. Can the js 1000 do any style and does it feel fragile (obviously you dont want damage the thing) but is it pretty hard waring and gritty when you want it to be aswell as being incredible. I hope Im not being to boring but I just dont want to buy a £1000 guitar and find small change, I mean I want something that can sound like a strat, an sg , les paul etc amazing. Im only fifteen so is it really woth it even though im heavily into guitars. Im considering the js 1000 but what the hell is the difference between the js 1000 and the js 1200 apart from colour and PAF joe pickup to me it seems a waste of money?
I don't see why a JS1000 should feel fragile at all... If you are worried about that go to a shop and try one out but I still think you should lose the crappy 100 and go for the real thing. I didn't know there was a price difference between the 1000 and 1200 models. One more reason to go with the 1000 I guess... ;)
IMO if you are gonna buy a JS1000 you might as well go for the best for $100 more with the JS1200
IMO - Go for the JS1200, you wont be disappointed!!!!
Both the JS1000 and JS1200 are great axes. I'd pick the JS100 though, because that's the only JS I've ever tried, and boy does it sound sweet! :D
Change the pickup and the trem just like the other guys told you no need to get a js 1000 :mrgreen:
I s it worth it in th longterm though get the best axe possible
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