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Should I pay $450 for a MIJ 3120?

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Cause I have no idea... guy on local CL has it up with the hard case for that price. Says it's made in Japan, it has a bolt-on neck, and a chip out of the paint on the back/bottom. I searched before posting but didn't find anything relevant... thanks

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Now that your back we will go from 2 new pages of post a day to the 3 we had with you before. ;)
Did you get it? Someone in Co listed one on that site for a HUGE markup from 450. ;)
It's still there. I don't think I can post a link in here but it isn't hard to find.
His price is too high....... I bet he gets it though..........
I doubt he will get it. If it was mint he might but it will go for around 700-850ish.
I know. While I fault no one for making a buck it would be nice to find a good deal like that more often. However, I did snag a nice 1570 Grey for 250 last month.
Lol you guys would cry if you saw what I payed for guitars xD
TBH, I really don't care.
1 - 6 of 47 Posts
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